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At Quatrohaus we believe that Microsoft Excel is an exceptionally powerful platform for financial planning, reporting, forecasting and scenario analysis if appropriately used with guiding rules to create consistency, transparency and flexibility. Most Excel Users have the basic knowledge of Excel and are not trained to optimally use the tool, hence it is underutilised. It is time to learn more about Excel through our Financial Modeling in Excel training. The purpose of a Financial Model is to generate management insights that support better decision making. Inefficient modeling means that too much time is used in building and updating the spreadsheet / reports. Financial Modeling in excel is a critical organisational capability. We take participants step by step to familiarize them with the Financial Modeling platform, Microsoft Excel and coach them to develop a model.

Upcoming Courses 
Course Duration (days) Dates Fees
Financial Modeling in Excel 2 14th – 15th November 2016 $200
Advanced Financial Modeling in Excel 3 16th – 18th November 2016 $300


Download Financial Modelling in Excel | PDF| 232 KB

Download Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel | PDF| 241 KB

Download Financial Modeling Brochure | Excel | 139 KB

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