Queue Management Services

Thanks to the expertise and development of the last years we can underline that the Queue Management Systems completes much more important functions then just calling the customers in  their order of arrival to the office. Digital Signage applications together with Kiosks, Queue Management and Customer Management Systems can improve Customer Services, reduce queuing, control customers flow and increase sales and cross-sales efficiency.

Quatrohaus is the Southern Africa certified partner for ONLINET (www.onlinet.eu) to market, supply and support Queue Management Systems  and  Signage & Signaling Systems



In recent years more and more financial institutions have started using Queue and Customer Management Systems in their nationwide branch networks. Among many other benefits the management will find the following:

  • Sales become more finely measurable (by country / region / branch / clerk / time-period / services, etc.)
  • Customer services become measurable (administration time / back-office work time, etc.)
  • Success rate of customer services becomes measurable (successful / unsuccessful sales)
  • Cross-sales become measurable
  • All these allow more efficient, more closely-targeted marketing.

Among the elements of customer service where we can increase measurement, we can support and individualise services as follows:

  • Address customers before they enter the branch (see Digital Signage Solutions)
  • VIP customer service (card identification, clerk selection)
  • Customer identification before they get to the clerk (by card)
  • Integration with CRM / Front-end systems (full customer image based on card identification)
  • Online management information (see Dashboard software)
  • Branch sales measure, optimisation and reorganisation (see Consultancy)



This sector is characterised in almost every country by a battle fought for customer loyalty and retention. In customer service it is important to link a priority and an adequate clerk to specific services and to have tasks done smoothly within a well-organised system.

Out of these goals, systems supplied by Quatrohaus offer the following:

  • More sales efficiency
  • More cross-sales
  • Segmented customer service, VIP customer management (customer identification by code, card)
  • Supply of digital signage solutions
  • Data sharing with CRM systems
  • Online, general overview of operations for senior managers
  • Consultancy for increased retail sales



Shoppers hate to queue. Extensive research proves that queuing at the checkout is the number one cause of customer dissatisfaction in retailing. Conversely, short queues – and, critically, the expectation of short checkout queues – are key ways to build customer loyalty and encourage spending.

The retail experience is repeated across other sectors. From high street banks to government offices, reducing queuing and making more effective use of checkout staff and customer service representatives is now a business imperative.

Most major retailers, led by the supermarket chains, are now either investigating or implementing queue management (QM) and Quatrohaus is there to assist you setup your next QMS project.



The most important aims among government institutions, are to serve customers well and keep people informed while queuing.

We support these aims as follows:

  • Installation of Queue and Customer Management Services
  • Supply of Digital Signage solutions
  • Installation of Information/Self-Service Kiosks



In the Education Sector the multimedia kiosks are beginning to play a fundamental and indispensable role. The functions that can be implemented in a multimedia kiosk for students, teachers and parents, are already well known and part of everyday life in educational institutions. In the education sector, multimedia kiosks are already quite a common element and increasingly is used as time passes.

We are talking about sectors with the presence of young people who are already accustomed in dealing with new technologies and interactivity, and for whom a multimedia kiosk becomes a natural complement to their leisure activities.

A multimedia kiosk can work as a student card charger with bill and coins acceptor that allows all students to charge their card with cash to be used, for example, in school services (library, photocopies, etc..) or work as a single point of multimedia information for students and teachers, for example information about exams, schedules, etc.. The kiosks can also replace the common access and attendance systems, both for employees, students and teachers.



Today Queue Management & Client Directing Systems are indoubt an important tool. Whether they are used to provide services, or simply as information point, any entity or company must think quickly on the acquisition of these products for growth strategy. Below are some sectors where Queue Management & Client Directing Systems can be implemented:

  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Health & Pharmaceuticals
  • Sport & Leisure
  • Logistics, Transport & Aviation
  • Construction & Real Estate
  • Events & Exhibitions
  • Children Entertainment Centres
  • Museums, Libraries and Religion
  • Ticketing and Check-In