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Quatrohaus is a full-service design, development, and strategy firm based in Harare, Zimbabwe that uses open source and proprietary technologies well customized to help enable people to share information in new and exciting ways. Quarohaus' focus areas are Web Applications Development, Queue Management & Client Directing Systems, Mobile Apps Development & Professional Training.

Web Applications Development
Custom web development & application development geared toward your specific goals and needs. Rather than using an "out of the box" web application, Quatrohaus’ custom web development provides the client with flexible and upgradeable web applications. Our web developers are proficient in several scripting and programming languages, and specialize in PHP/mySQL. This department offers the...
Queue Management & Client Directing Systems
Thanks to the expertise and development of the last years we can underline that the Queue Management Systems completes much more important functions than just calling the customers in their order of arrival to the office. Digital Signage applications together with Kiosks, Queue Management and Customer Management Systems can improve Customer Services, reduce queuing, control customers flow and...
Mobile Apps Development
Mobile is becoming an increasingly important sector of the digital market. We can work to define a mobile website that will compliment your desktop site, tweak your existing desktop site so that it’s more mobile friendly, or completely design a responsive website that performs on any device it is used on. We also build native and hydrid mobile apps.
Professional Training (Financial Modeling in Ms Excel
At Quatrohaus we believe that Microsoft Excel is an exceptionally powerful platform for financial planning, reporting, forecasting and scenario analysis if appropriately used with guiding rules to create consistency, transparency and flexibility. Most Excel Users have the basic knowledge of Excel and are not trained to optimally use the tool, hence it is underutilised.

Quatrohaus is a full service digital agency with based in Harare, Zimbabwe and whose focus areas are Web Development, Queue Management & Client Directing Systems, Mobile Application & Professional Training.

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