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Agile Software Development

We have a depth of experience in every aspect of software development and collaborate with you to find the right mix to create a solution to your business needs. Our developers are proficient in several scripting and programming languages (Java, C#, ASP.NET & PHP). Our specialty is Java using Spring MVC Framework.

Professional Training

In the academic world business is well ordered where A leads to B and all figures always add up. This is not so in today’s business world which is volatile. Technology is changing at a faster rate and business drivers are becoming more complex than before. Quatrohaus offers training programs that provide individuals with the skills they need to succeed in today’s global marketplace.

Financial Modeling in Excel

We offer Bespoke Financial Modeling in Excel. It has a lot of real business world examples. Our goal is to make you productive in Microsoft Excel and go an extra mile to help you master the Financial Modeling methodologies and techniques.

What sets aside our offering from the rest?

Web Development

Custom web development geared towards your specific goals and needs. Rather than using an "out of the box" websites, Quatrohaus provides clients with flexible, scalable and upgradeable websites. Our specialty is Drupal. This department offers:-

What sets aside our offering from the rest?

Queue Management Systems

Thanks to the expertise and development of the last years we can underline that the Queue Management Systems completes much more important functions than just calling the customers in their order of arrival to the office. Digital Signage applications together with Kiosks, Queue Management and Customer Management Systems can improve Customer Services, reduce queuing, control customers flow and increase sales and cross-sales efficiency.

Quatrohaus is the Southern Africa certified partner for ONLINET (www.onlinet.eu) to market, supply and support Queue Management Systems and Signage & Signaling Systems.